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05 di port dickson - Google Blog Search

The English Cottage: Storm hurtles through <b>Port Dickson</b>!

Posted: 30 Jul 2011 09:43 PM PDT

Yesterday, while I was away at French class in Kuala Lumpur, a tropical storm hit PD!

We returned to savaged trees along Jalan Pantai - they looked like they'd been twisted off their trunks, with many lying across electricity and telephone lines, or strewn across the road.

As we approached our home, we found that the kampong behind the mosque in Bagan Pinang was flooded - as is usual after a really heavy downpour.

I worried about what awaited us at our own home, and how our girls were. Along with others in our neighbourhood, we lost a couple of trees, among them my favourite longan tree that had given us a wonderfully cool and green patio. It was also a place to rest for the many birds who visited and sang to us from high in its branches.

Spent all morning cleaning up the patio of mud and fallen leaves and twigs, and Chuan has been busy from last night, cutting the trees that've fallen into manageable bits. 
Visit the Ribut, ribut, ribut Port Dickson to see some real drama pix of how our usual route in-and-out of PD looked, just minutes after the storm subsided. It's said to have hit at around noon. This link posts pictures of the road beside the armed forces' EME school that takes you to the highway, passing outside the army camp. It was the day of the passing-out-parade, and 3k recruits graduated. The town was filled to overflowing with parents,and families, and their cars, and they were parked everywhere and anywhere they could find a spot. Because Najib was taking the salute, this road was closed. But I feel really sorry for the people who did use the road, and who managed to find a spot somewhere along it. It seems that the storm hit here the worst. 

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