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05 di kuala klawang - Google Blog Search

05 di kuala klawang - Google Blog Search

Gebang jangan tak gebang beb: BTHO-<b>Kuala Klawang</b> Roasted Meal

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 07:14 PM PST

Another feat chapter and another tormenting experience. The baddest of 'em all. Attempting Kuala Klawang from my home, BTHO. Last we did Broga Classic from home as our last long ride training for Interstate, and we almost met the soccer fans on their way for their evening kicks. Yesterday, we reached BTHO almost before azan Asar. 
The idea cropped up when PD 120km was tapau-ed two weeks ago in auto cruise mode. We were hunger for more and we need to teach the body for some sufferfest. One of us lambung-ed Kuala Klawang from BTHO. Surprisingly, nobody was against it. With some googling for the milage and anticipated ride time, kami turut kan aje.
Main enemy would the weather, which for the last few days never stopped burning and roasting. Everybody knows the drill of sufficient carboloading and hydration. Remember the bonking recipe? Wait till you read the rest of it.
We rolled off from BTHO slightly late but managed to gain some ground with quick stops at Batu 14 to meet a few others. The white clouds doesn't seemed to help with good signs for good weather. As we climbed up Genting Peres, the sun shone sharply on to our foreheads. The ride up was sufficient enough to reach the top exclude panting.
Less than 3 minutes stop at the peak, we took the descending route towards the other side of Genting Peres where the point of no turning back. Jangan pandang belakang...dahhh. S1 did magnificently tackling every corners where it was pointed at. The 3T Funda fork took it like a silk. A glimpse at the speed, clocked 56kph and the cockpit was still rock solid as I crunched over grasping the dropbar. Magnificento!
We planned for some pace line rotation practice as we hit Titi where a good 20km stretch all the way to Kuala Klawang was the perfect training ground. Daripada kayuh buta ja, baik selit kan sikit-sikit skill. Maybe next long ride, kami plan for some motivational talk by an ustadz kot. It was a great practice, plus the effort of cruising between 32 and 35kph was shared between the nine of us. Should we rode it solo, an extra 30% energy spent would be inevitable. Factor : Headwinds.
We checked in at No. 188, Restoran Fatimah, Jalan Dato Menteri, Kuala Klawang, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan for a quick meal. Maggi soup la apa lagi. Cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan. As we digged into the bowl, the hot weather blew in strong breeze, that would be not a so good news. The ride back will be a tough one.
With tummy all tucked in, we spinned our way back to Titi for the big climb ahead, But that would be premature without those three warm up climbs between the stretch. Rozaimi showed signs of fatigue when he lost grip of the main bunch and slipped away to the back, as if magnetized. 
The best about our group, on long rides especially, we practiced regrouping and of course 'group' ride. We don't normally abandon buddies. Should there be someone wants to be the hero of the day by breaking away from the group, we 'educate' them. Should there be someone needs some ethical lesson in a group ride, we furnished them, spot on. Should there be tardy souls fail to be punctual, there won't be a next ride for you. If a friend in need of support, we send the best support team for motivations. No pun intended, just for the harmony and safety of the cruising peloton and us the family people who have love ones and family chores to attend minutes after any ride. Ada faham?
The climb back up Genting Peres was, as usual a torment. All 13km of it. And the nine souls failed to pace each other since climbing takes up personal motivation, strength and courage. Again, I felt the power transfer of S1 and it was solid. None wasted. And I kept on cranking those grannies without hesitation. Alwin and Azmar turned back to give support to Rozaimi whom was swallowed by the climb since our regrouping down at the bridge at Titi. 
Surprisingly, it was all over before frustration and regrets crept in. Phew! While waiting for Rozaimi, Alwin and Azmar, we made used of the tiny shades at the peak. Remember the road shoulder make shift day bed? We started talking skewed stuff as our IQ starts draining more IQ juice. 10 minutes later the full bunch gathered. Rozaimi still maintaining his macho tapi hancur look. Should we stayed longer, the lambung session might get severe and somebody might need dripping from chronic jaw cramp.
The ride back down and home was more like determination to finish despite the scorching 3.00 p.m. sun and chaotic Hulu Langat traffic. But the ride won't be called epic without some technical glitches. Akmal's chainrings kaput in the middle of the ride to Batu 9. Thanks to Azmar whom rescued him by car, with Rozaimi by his side. Yes, he decided to cut short his ride.
I broke my rear wheel spoke in the middle of the final climb into BTHO. Argh! Under the sun and Afiq was already ahead chasing the green light while Alwin and Dett were way behind, can't be seen. Some MacGyver stuff, I managed to slot the spoke back in, temporarily I hope, just for a mere 2km more.
Reached my front gate 10 minutes before four. Phew. No complains from inside the house. Guilty conscious la konon. Hehe. I took bath 3 times after the ride and I was still sweating. Dayem! Petang before Asar mandi lagi. Prior to Maghrib one more time. And one last time before tidoq. Cuping telinga dah rasa macam keropok ikan parang. Jahanam, but it was a truly epic ride. 
Thanks to the great ride buddies Alwin, Akmal, Dett, Fendi, Azmar, Kak Jlo, Afiq and Kepet for the 6 hours 24 minutes camaraderie. We clocked 147.24km and my sore butt will require dynamic recovery. Any suggestion? :P

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