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05 di port dickson - Google Blog Search

05 di port dickson - Google Blog Search

The Best Time To Visit <b>Port Dickson</b> Beach | <b>Port Dickson</b>

Posted: 10 Jul 2011 10:55 PM PDT

Almost all who comes to Port Dickson comes for one reason. The sea and the beach. However, many go away disappointed, not because the beaches are not beautiful or the people are unfriendly. They are disappointed because they came on a day when the tide is low and they not get to enjoy the sea fully. The best time to visit Port Dickson is when the tide is at it's highest. Then only will you get to see the full potential and enjoy the most of Port Dickson beaches.

low tide in Port Dickson

Collecting Sea Shells When The Tide Is Low In Port Dickson Is Lots Of Fun.

Those who have never stayed by the sea or those who has no interest will not know the day and time when the tide is at the highest. The surprising thing is most people do not even know when the sea rises and fall according to tides. When the sea is mentioned, the impression they get a a vast ocean of water when they can just jump in and enjoy themselves.

Things To Do When The Tide Is Low In Port Dickson

When the tide is low in Port Dickson, visitors have to walk at least half a mile to reach the water. Even then, the water quality will not be at it's best. So swimming in low tide is not enjoyable.

There are however, things that you can enjoy yourself by the beach while waiting for the tide to come in. There are thousands of sea shells to be collected. There are millions of tiny sand crabs that you can chase after. There are sand castles to be built.

Believe me, it is plenty of fun to be in Port Dickson even when the tide is low.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Port Dickson

In school you would have learned that the tides rises and fall in tandem with the moon. When you can see the moon is full or when you cannot see the moon at all, that will be the time when the tide is the highest.

The best way that I know of without having to check Internet for the tides in Port Dickson is by checking the Lunar Calender. The first day of each lunar month is the time when we cannot see the moon and the 15th is the day when the moon is at the fullest. The tide starts rising 2 days prior to these days and starts going down 2 days after.

So in all you have 10 good days in any given month which the Tide is at the high. Two days before and after the first of the Lunar month and two days before and after the Fifteenth.

These days will be the best time to visit Port Dickson.

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