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Almir&#39;s Scribblings: Homestay <b>di</b> Johol, <b>Negeri Sembilan</b>

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 11:56 PM PST

If you happen to be in Negeri Sembilan, for kenduri or just visiting, you can try Tok Sari Homestay located in Kampung Renggoh (in between Tampin and Kuala Pilah). If you're coming from North South Highway towards Johor, take the Simpang Ampat exit towards to Tampin (this is the easiest way).

The traditional was house owned by my husband's late grandfather, is now turned into a traditional homestay, complete with modern facilities. While preserving the heritage and built of the house, the current owners (my husband's aunty) welcome anyone who wants to relax, families who are attending wedding in nearby kampung or tired drivers who need 40 winks on a bed, before continuing their journey to south or up north (if you're coming from south).

Here's some of the pictures taken from Tok Sari Homestay:

haji sari homestay- front Tok Sari Homestay – front

Homestay Haji Sari2 The house is gated with greenery surroundings

homestay di johol Small road leading to owner's house

The area is surrounded by trees, including local fruit trees. During the fruit season, guests can have a taste of local fruits such as durian, mangosteen, ciku, rambutan, kundang or rambai (depending on the availability). However, different rates will apply (higher than the normal rate) if the guests request to have them. The fruits can only be eaten while in the homestay and not bring back.

haji sari homestay - depan Front hall

haji sari homestay - front Living room (TV area)

The living room is equipped with old style sofas and a television complete with Astro NJoy so guests can watch decent Astro shows during their stay there.

Homestay Haji Sari Hall that connects the living room (TV area) to the kitchen

Homestay di Johol, negeri Sembilan Love the ol' skool detailing!

As you walk down the hall, you will pass a drying area, first bedroom and second bedroom before you reach the kitchen.

Homestay haji sari3 Drying area

Homestay Haji Sari- bilik pertama First bedroom

Haji Sari Homestay- second bedroom  Second bedroom

There are no air-conditioning in the house, as the trees within the vicinity act as natural coolant and at the same time preserving the traditional 'kampung' feel. 

homestay di johol- walkway The yellow door opens to the drying area

The kitchen is an extended area, complete with dining table, gas and cooker, refrigerator, plates and cutleries, electric kettle, microwave, toaster, iron and its ironing board. I couldn't imagine if there's no fridge, cooker and iron. I think these are the essentials when staying in a homestay. If you have a baby travelling together, you can use the gas cooker to cook baby food (I have stayed in a homestay in Kota Bharu with no gas cooker, terseksa ok). Anyway, I bet you will be satisfied with the appliances, they are all in working condition.

Tok Sari Homestay- kitchen Kitchen area

Tok sari homestay - kitchen There's an extra bed as well, next to the kitchen area

homestay di johol - clean fridge A clean fridge 

homestay di johol - gobok dapur Gobok antique – clean, used to store plates, bowls and cutleries

Adjacent to the kitchen is the toilet and washing area. There are 2 toilets and a sink. The owners are planning to put a washing machine in future, to enable guests to wash their dirty laundry for free when residing there.

toilet homestay Toilet and wet area

homestay di johol - toilet Toilet

If you are interested to stay for a night or just have a rest during the day, contact +606-4367302 or +60173952503 (Haji Anuwar) to know the rates. Leave a comment here for feedback. TQ! 


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