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Senarai Tempat Perlancongan Menarik <b>Di Negeri Sembilan</b>, Malaysia

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 10:15 PM PST

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera, Ini merupakan  menyiapkan entry ke 7 senarai kawasan perlancongan yang menarik di Malaysia. Seperti yang ada sedia tahu, sempena dengan tahun Melawat Malaysia 2014, saya akan menyenaraikan info-info dan tempat perlancongan yang menarik yang ada di setiap negeri di Malaysia & sebelum ini saya menyenaraikan tempat perlancongan yang menarik di Perak, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, kedah,sabah dan Perlis, anda boleh klik link di bawah untuk membaca entry terdahulu.
Untuk negeri yang berikutnya saya memilih Negeri Sembilan, negeri yang kaya dengan adat dan warisan tersendiri terutama dengan adat dan budaya Minangkabau. Antara destinasi perlancongan yang sangat popular di Negeri Sembilan sudah semestinya Pantai Port Dickson. Jadi untuk entry kali ini saya menyenaraikan kawasan-kawasan perlancongan lain yang menarik untuk dilawati sekiranya anda datang ke Negeri Sembilan, jadi jom lihat senarai di bawah :P
Senarai Kawasan Perlancongan Yang Menarik Di Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia 
List Of Interesting Places In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Seri Menanti Royal Museum /  Seri Menanti Royal Museum
The Seri Menanti Royal Museum was built in 1902 - 1905. It was originally a palace for the Negeri Sembilan Royal family. It is situated in the Royal town of Seri Menanti, about 50 km from the capital, Seremban.  This five storey wooden palace, was built using no nails or screws. The carpenters at the time used wooden pegs so that the palace would be able to withstand the times. It also uses 99 solid timber pillars, soaring 65 feet. Black in colour, the palace also has intricate flower motifs beautifying the regal palace. Visitors can find costumes, weaponry, bed chambers as well as documents on the royal lineage on display in the museum
Port Dickson Beach / Pantai Pork Dickson
Port Dickson, or PD to locals, is a beach and holiday destination situated about 32 km from Seremban and 90 km from Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsular Malaysia. It takes just over an hour by car to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson along the North-South Expressway. The beaches of Port Dickson (PD) is a famous weekend retreat for city dwellers. 
Port Dickson is said to have been named after a British officer, Sir John Frederik Dickson in 1889. Others mention that the place was named after another British officer who supervised the British ports handling ore in Lukut, a district of Port Dickson at the time. Port Dickson is more famous for its attractive beaches, ample amenities and good infrastructure. There are also various types of accommodation for those wishing to holiday here. Among the famous beaches here are Teluk Kemang and Blue Lagoon. There are also infrastructure for watersports dan beach activity. 
 Army Museum / Muzium Tentera Darat

The Army Museum will lead us back to the memoirs of various inheritance, ultimate collections of artifact which had once witnessed the battlement to retain the sovereignty of our beloved country. The Army Museum has been honoured a MERIT AWARD in category of "Best Tourist Attraction" with National Identity (Heritage) 2005/2006 by the Tourism Malaysia. Come and experience the Pepper Ghost, the first of its kind in Malaysia and the atmosphere of the night at the dock of Malacca fort as well as the underground tunnel of the Malayan Communist Party.
Angsi mountain / Gunung Angsi
Angsi mountain located in Tanjung Ipoh, located in the Districts, Kuala Pilah has an altitude as high as 825 meters (2,702 feet). It is one of the attractions for the ulu Bendol Forest Recreation and open for climbing. Climbing Mount Angsi normally takes four hours through the 4.5-mile trail along the sungai Batang Terachi. From Mount Angsi, climbers can see the Gunung Telapa Buruk, Gunung Berembun, Gunung Datuk and Gunung Tampin. Gunung Angsi is located in the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest's compound. The recreational forest itself is a good place to have a weekend with family. They have camping grounds, bbq spot, river and also a large swimming pool filled with river water

Ulu Bendul Recreational / Pusat  Rekreasi Ulu Bendul

Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest is located in the Districts, N.Sembilan. Facilities such as rest huts, campsites, a herb garden, a snake park, chalets, toilets, and trails. Open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. For activities and overnight camping. 20 km from Seremban and 20 km from the city of Segment through Jalan Seremban-Kuala Segment. Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest is located in the Forest Angsi which is a type of lowland dipterocarp forest.
The Jeram Toi waterfalls are located about halfway between Seremban and Kuala Kelawang. They were discovered by the British in 1895 and became a popular place for a relaxing bath and a family picnic. Access is very easy from the Seremban-Kuala Kelawang road. In earlier days you just had to park beside the road, but at present this road is being upgraded to a four-lane highway. A special exit, clearly signposted, has been made to Jeram Toi
The park has shelters, toilets, barbeque pits, and a cemented walkway with steps leading up the gorge. The place might be crowded on weekends, but on a weekday it is quite desolate. That the entrance to the park is no longer off the main road, might explain the impression of deacy.The main attraction of Jeram Gading is waterfalls, clear water flowing through the trees and a splash of water to the left and right each time it hit the obstruction, and the ball-shaped rotating white foam before vanishing in a quieter area. Although the area is not suitable for kayak, it is an ideal place for a family picnic. 
Located 23km from K. Klawang, Mukim Jeram Gading in Kenaboi. On the way here, you'll have to pass and enjoy the green scenery, many fruit trees and orchards belonging to local residents. In addition to the compelling scenery, visitors will breathe fresh air because this area has not been fully explored.
Homestay Kampung Pelegong
Get away from it all and return to the serenity of life in a traditional Malay village under the Pelegong Homestay programme in Negeri Sembilan. Here, you will be able to enjoy the warm hospitality of your host family and be a part of the household by joining them in their daily activities. 
Wake up to the authenticity of 'kampung' life. Listen to the sounds of cockerels greeting a new day, breathe in the crisp fresh air and look forward to the simple pleasures of life -- collect your own eggs from the coop, learn to tap a rubber tree, enjoy an icy cold dip in the nearby river before trying your hand at fishing or baking delicious Malay cakes. 
The adventure in store also allows you to discover the origins of the village and the rich history it holds. Appreciate the many cottage industries and the fine products manufactured here. Marvel at the nimble fingers of Pak Adol the rattan weaver, and be awed by the creative men and women whose skilled hands make the finest handicrafts.  If you are the outdoor type, you'll enjoy a good trek into the lush rainforest and discover cascading waterfalls and crystal clear streams. Then, come back to the gentle hands of a traditional masseur or masseuse to soothe all aches away.
Entry  ini ditulis khas menyokong kempen tahun melawat malaysia 2014. 
P/s: Macam mana dengan senarai kawasan perlancongan menarik yang ada di Negeri Sembilan, Sangat menarik bukan? Negeri sembilan bukan sahaja kaya dengan adat dan warisan dan uga mempunyai destinasi perlancongan yang sangat menarik untuk dilawati. Diharapkan dengan entry kali ini boleh dijadikan sebagai rujukan sekiranya anda mencari info dan senarai kawasan yang menarik ada di Negeri Sembilan serta  jangan lupa bookmark entry :P

Senarai di atas hanyalah sebahagian kecil daripada tempat yang wajib dikunjungi sekiranya anda mengunjungi Negeri Sembilan, jadi bagi anda yang mempunyai info / maklumat tambahan mengenai kawasan  menarik lain yang tidak tersenarai yang ada di Negeri tersebut bolehlah kongsikan di ruangan komen sebagai maklumat dan rujukan kita bersama :P

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