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05 di seremban - Google Blog Search

05 di seremban - Google Blog Search

Beratus skru bahaya <b>di</b> jalan Rasah, <b>Seremban</b> - Syarak Mengata <b>...</b>

Posted: 19 Aug 2011 07:54 PM PDT

Para pengguna jalanraya terutama penunggang motosikal harap berhati-hati apabila menggunakan flyover jalan Rasah menuju ke bandar Seremban, Terdapat beratus-ratus skru ( bolt / pasak ) yang tercacak setinggi hampir 1 inci di atas jalanraya sejak sebulan yang lalu. Harap pihak yang berkenaan dapat mengambil tindakan segera untuk keselamatan para pengguna. Terdapat kejadian tayar motosikal bocor apabila melanggar skru ini.

Friday August 19, 2011
Hundreds of metal bolts along Jalan Rasah in Seremban

DANGER lurks especially for motorcyclists if they are not careful while travelling on Jalan Rasah, Seremban.

One can find hundreds of metal bolts sticking out 2cm off a 20m stretch leading towards town just after the end of the flyover.

Motorcyclists who ride on these bolts could lose their balance and end up with serious injuries.

Danger zone: Hundreds of metal bolts which once held flexible poles, sticking out about 2cm from the ground on Jalan Rasah heading towards Seremban town.

According to a motorist, who only wants to be known as Ashraf, he once had a miraculous escape while trying to avoid a speeding car coming down from the flyover.

"I had a bumpy ride when I was pushed on the metal bolts. However, I ended up with a punctured back tyre.

"That was a week ago and I am surprised the authorities have not removed them. It is definitely not safe,'' said Ashraf from Mambau.

The bolts once held flexible poles but over time they were knocked down by speeding vehicles or vandalised and now the metals are exposed.

Motorist Param Kutty said the road had been like that for the past one month and the authorities should act before a nasty accident happened.


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