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05 di seremban - Google Blog Search

05 di seremban - Google Blog Search

PAS Negeri Sembilan: Daif sungguh bas <b>di Seremban</b>, kerajaan BN <b>...</b>

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 08:57 PM PDT

Telah 2 bulan perkhidmatan bas ke Taman Permai, Seremban terhenti. Penduduk yang berpendapatan rendah mengeluh dengan ketiadaan perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam. Mereka terpaksa menggunakan teksi dengan bayaran yang tinggi untuk mereka. Sampai bila, sampai bila mutu perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam di Negeri Sembilan akan diperbaiki?

Masalah aduan perkhidmatan Cityliner Seremban di

Daif dan teruk sunnguh perkhidmatan bas di N.Sembilan di

August 12, 2011

Taman Permai residents in Seremban have been waiting for two months for resumption of service to their area.

SEREMBAN: Residents from Taman Permai here have been severely inconvenienced since the bus service from the residential area to Seremban town was stopped two months ago.

Most of the affected residents are senior citizens, schoolchildren and those without their own transport.

Mary Teresa, 82, who travels to Seremban where she works as a teacher at a private school, said that the last time the Seremban Town Service (STS) bus serviced the area was on May 30.

"We don't have any idea why they stopped the service abrubtly. The bus ride costs me just RM1 for a one-way trip to Seremban.

"Now I have to fork out RM8 per trip for a taxi. If I'm fortunate and there are four people sharing a cab heading to town, I fork out only RM2. But that rarely happens.

"I have no husband to support me. Where do I find the money to take taxis everyday?" asked a distraught Mary.

Another resident, S Balaventhiran, 48, who has three secondary schoolgoing children, appealed to the authorities to solve the transport issue as soon as possible.

"Previously, my children who are studying in a secondary school in Seremban only have to pay RM1 each for the bus fare to get to their school.

"Now I have to fork out RM16 daily for their transport to and fro. This does not include the cash for them to buy foods and drinks. It's really a heavy burden on me," said Balaventhiran.

Only one bus plying the route

Ng Ah Siew, 61, said taxi fares cost her RM8 one way as and when cabbies pass through the residential area and she is able to flag down one .

"If we call for a taxi, the call charges will be added on and I have to pay RM10 per trip. Can you imagine how much I have to pay a day when I go to market or the hospital?" asked Ng.

DAP Kepayang state assembylmen, Cha Kee Chin, said when he contacted STS, he was told that the only bus plying the route suffered a major breakdown.

"They told me they've been unable to get a replacement but nevertheless assured me the bus will be on the streets by the end of July. It's August now.

"Then two weeks ago I had a meeting with City Liner, another bus operator in Seremban, to resolve the problem. They told me that they will consider my request," said Cha.

Cha also raised the matter at the State Legislative Assembly sitting on Monday.

"Since the Seremban Municipal Council is subsidising the bus company servicing residents at Nilai and Pajam, why can't the state government do the same to service this area?

"I hope the state government will solve this problem as soon as possible as the residents are suffering from the lack of a proper public transport system," said Cha.

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