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05 di tampin - Google Blog Search

05 di tampin - Google Blog Search

BerGaMbAr2 <b>Di</b> RailWaY <b>tAmPiN</b> | Your Daily Dose Of Apples! :D

Posted: 15 May 2011 04:58 AM PDT


Gedikkkknyerrr tulisan title tuuuu...warghhh..geli.

Okay so, our exams are finished and i'll be going back this Tuesday. Still a design project left to finish but what the heck-I've always wanted to take pictures at the railway and seeing those "orang baru kawen" bergambar2 kat railway buat hati kecilku ini nak jugak. :p Cheeewah.


35mm f1.8 DX. (And played around with minor effects)

Best kannnnnnnnnnn...hehehe~

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! :p (Gotta improve my editing skills during this holidays- my editing sucks..=.=")

P:S// Asal la mata yot asyik tutup? 

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