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05 di port dickson - Google Blog Search

05 di port dickson - Google Blog Search

Pantai Ria Restaurant <b>Port Dickson</b>

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 09:12 AM PDT

Today, I was over at Port Dickson, one of the few times I actually dropped by this part of Malaysia. This time I'm here for my pre-wedding photoshoot. It was 3pm, and we have not had our lunch yet, the first chinese restaurant we headed to was closed. Our seasoned photographer then suggested this Pantai Ria Restaurant for a quick tea/lunch break. Restoran Pantai Ria‎
4/223 Jalan Pantai
71050 Port Dickson

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The first thing that caught my attention was the word "Muslim Seafood" printed on its banner. It got me thinking on the reason why they chose to go halal. The owner is a chinese muslim? Or probably they figured by going halal, there would be more customers. Anyway that's secondary, because I was more interested in the quality of the food.

Since there were four of us, I went ahead to order four dishes. The settings and menu is akin to being in a chinese seafood restaurant, minus the pork. Do check out some of the dishes we ordered.All four dishes were really rather delicious. The lemon fried chicken was great with the lemon sauce on it which kind of reminded me of Thai food. As for the sizzling hot plate toufu, it came sizzling, with enough toufu to feed four hungry mouths. One thing that was lacking was the egg contents. They were more generous with the toufu than the egg which should be spread all round the pan. As for the scrambled eggs and sambal kangkung, no complains here. They both tasted exactly how I would have expected from a good chinese restaurant. For the pricing, the total damage came up to RM53.20 inclusive of rice and drinks which I felt to be quite reasonable. Bear in mind this was a meal for four adults. Somehow, I still wonder if Muslims will still drop by this restaurant, because other than the words "Muslim Restaurant", I could not find the Halal logo anywhere. Anyway it was a good meal, and if you so happen to drop by Port Dickson at 3pm in the afternoon where all other restaurants are either closed or not opened yet.
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